Free Affiliate Marketing Courses – Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

So you’re looking for a free affiliate marketing course? With all the hype, scams and promotions on the Internet it’s hard to find reliable information. What is the best way to start off in the world of affiliate marketing? Who should you listen to? It’s easy to go from site to site reading endless sales page but lets face it – most of it’s completely useless!

Some of the best information and guides I’ve ever read have been free affiliate marketing courses. These have been the guides that have really helped me to make money and I guarantee it will be the same for you. Saying that, you need to find decent course (paid for or free) and stick to it. Master the techniques taught and milk them for all there worth.

So which techniques are the best to use when starting off? There’s so many ways to promote products. Pay per click, List building, banner ads, blogging, web 2.0, social marketing. I’m sure these are all techniques you’ve heard a lot about but is one better than rest for the beginner? best affiliate marketing course

PPC is too expensive or risky for beginners, blogging takes a long time to be effective and list building is more the advanced marketer. The answer is web 2.0! The web 2.0 craze is going strong and there’s still so much opportunity for the budding affiliate marketer. It’s so easy to set up a small pre-sales page on a site like squidoo or hubpages and then use article marketing and other free techniques to get the traffic.

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