Garden Seeds For Survival

There are many popular garden seed packs advertised today that are for survival or disaster type situations. You get a large bucket with instructions to provide you food for those moments you might need it most. The problem is that in reality this is going to be a fairly tough strategy especially if you don’t have gardening experience.

If you do have garden seeds for survival, there are some steps that you need to take beforehand for your plan to work. buy vegetable seeds online Australia

Have other food stored to eat.

You don’t know what time of year a disaster would hit. If it’s winter, you aren’t going to grow much in a garden regardless if the seeds are still good.

Work on your soil.

If your survival seeds are going to work, you are going to need good soil. While you can buy and store soil, it would be best to have soil that is organic, living, black, and rich so that seeds will grow in it quickly.

Have a method to water your garden.

If this is a survival garden, then assume you won’t have water services to supply you the water you need to grow your food. What methods can you use in your area to water your garden? If you are near a water source, that’s something to consider. Otherwise you need to invest in rain barrels to capture water to use for your garden.

Learn how to garden now.

Many first time gardeners fail. You need to develop gardening skill if you think storing away seeds for survival is going to be a strategy for food.

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