The Great Experience of Beach Camping

For those whose view of the traditional camping experience is filled with little more than mosquitoes, dirty clothes, and too much wildlife, beach camping can provide a more pleasant alternative. It is a wonderful and budget friendly means of getting a front row seat to astounding sunrises and sunsets. You can swim all day and listen to the rolling waves of the ocean before you fall soundly asleep.

There are many beaches that are now camper friendly. Most have posted signs to tell you whether they permit camping; or instead, you can check their web site for details. Some beaches have actual campsites located right on or near the beach. Once you’ve made the emotional commitment to try this form of camping, making a reservation will ensure an available spot, as these are very popular campsites.

Before you head to the beach to do some relaxing camping, you need to come with a few essentials. First, a beach tent will keep out the early morning sun. These are typically designed as pop up tents that work well in the sand, and can be priced as low as under $20.00.

Prior to your trip, inquire ahead of time whether the beach that you will be camping on allows bonfires. Although some do, they might require a permit, while others do not allow them at all. If you have the opportunity to spend time on a beach that does, come prepared with lighter fluid, matches, and of course your sticks on which to cook s’mores. If the beach does not permit a bonfire, then at least bring a portable stove so you can cook your meals out on the beach.

Most people who opt for beach camping do not do so because of the hiking experience, or even to enjoy communing with nature. Rather, it is for the romantic atmosphere of the ocean and fun for the kids. Few ever have the great experience of living directly on a beach. But for a night or a weekend, your whole family can experience the allure that draws the large beach crowds and what it is like to sleep and play on the beach 24 hours a day. Revdanda Beach Camping

The next time you plan a camping excursion, consider foregoing the traditional campsites in the middle of the woods and instead enjoy the relaxing and untraditional experience of camping on a beach. Whether you are simply a beach lover or want to wake up and jump right in the ocean as the sun rises, this is a wonderful way to spend a night or weekend.


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