Children’s Room Decor – The Look of a Child

Children room décor is more than simple paintings and pictures hanging on a wall. It is the foundation for a child’s entire universe. The art that lines a room should interest and provide an overall entertaining experience for the child. This can best be accomplished by actually allowing the child to choose the look and feel of their room.

Typical rooms such as a kitchen, living room, or television room have a very distinct feel and design when it comes to décor. Adults generally fashion their rooms in a way that exhibits their own character and likes. For instance, a typical living room will be designed in a “country” style fashion. This look is very pleasing to an adult. However, if you were to decorate your child’s room in this timeless fashion it would not say anything about the child. It would not be unique and interesting.

Allowing your children’s room décor to actually show the character of the child or children that inhabit it is a great way to let the child “own” the room. Every room in a house belongs to the adults, except for a child’s room. It is this one room that is their private place. When the power to decorate the room is put into the child’s hands, it will truly shine.

You may think that you know your child’s likes and dislikes. You may even say that you know exactly what their “taste” is. However, you could be very surprised with what their “taste” really is, when you allow them to have some creative control of their room décor.

This is an excellent way to teach your child the character value of responsibility. When you allow a child to invest in the look and feel of their room, it will make them feel special, adult, and will let them know that you trust them and respect their choices. This is great for a child’s self-esteem. You may be surprised at just how excited and proud a child will be when they are given the opportunity to truly shine and make what they consider to be “adult decisions”. Målarbilder djur

All you need to do is provide them with some simple direction. Let them choose a theme based on paintings, posters, or other art decorations. Help them make choices and ask them lots of questions. Have them decide on a color pattern. Don’t let them choose one color; instead help them select a few. Your child can learn a lot about simple things such as art and design when you provide them some very basic guidance.

Children’s room décor should be influenced by and set to match the personality of the child who will be playing, sleeping, and discovering themselves within the room.


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