Different Windows Have Different Uses

So you are considering changing your windows and are trying to decide whether to put in timber windows or uPVC windows. Why not take a step back for a minute and spend a little time considering if you might like to change your style of window, presuming the planning authorities in your area will let you of course.

In order to let you consider your choices I have compiled a brief list of the most common types of windows. No doubt I have left out a few and if anyone would like to enlighten me as regards to what they consider to be any errors or omissions they are welcome.

Lets start with Palladian windows, which are one window with a central round head arch, with a narrow window on each side. This is not a particularly common window in use today. Casement windows on the other hand, are very popular and are windows that open outward and are attached to the upright of the frame. They are handy in places that can be harder to reach, for instance if you have to lean over your kitchen sink.

Gliding windows and Sliding windows are in many cases different names for the same product and their main advantage is that the open laterally and so do not obstruct a passage way or other narrow space by opening out onto it. On the other hand single hung windows open upwards and downwards, with the top portion unable to move and double hung windows are the same with the bottom portion being unable to move. Double hung windows are popular in places that require ventilation but have a safety aspect, for example in a nursery.

Bay windows could be in themselves considered a small annex off another room, in so far as they have their own foundations. They allow in a lot of light as they have glazing to 3 sides and so can catch a lot of the day’s sunlight. They are also most appreciated when they look out onto an attractive garden or sea view. Bow windows and oriel windows are similar types of window, bow windows having less acute angles to the body and oriel windows being generally smaller and without foundations, so they are held up by brackets.

Rotating windows can be opened from either side or top and bottom and this is achieved by means of a central pivot in the frame. Great for cleaning! A picture window is a large window that is in place often because it looks out onto a view, similar to a bay window . Due to their size they can allow in a lot of light and windowscapes are a full wall made up of windows, again almost definitely for the view.

Fixed windows do what it says on the tin! They do not open, so are great for security and jalousie windows are those windows that are made up of glass slats that are attached to metal clips to that they open like louvers. They are great for letting in air, perhaps too much so are they are very difficult to seal in colder weather.

There you have it. A race through what are the most common types of windows that are out there at the present time. All of these windows should be available from various manufacturers either in timber or uPVC form, except for the jalousie windows. So if you are thinking of changing your windows, it might suit you to look at a different style of window, depending on where in the home you are thinking of putting them.


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