How Can Medical Malpractice Costs Be Reduced?

While the cost of malpractice insurance has been on the rise in some parts of the United States, the medical community is beginning to urge lawmakers to take action now to fix medical malpractice laws and cut malpractice costs.

Many people believe that limits should be placed on malpractice claims in order to reduce malpractice costs. On the other hand, there are people who also believe that the focus should be on improving communication between medical professionals and their patients. They say that providing better health care will be the key to success.

A study done in Michigan revealed that when doctors make mistakes, a simple apology goes a long way and can prevent expensive malpractice lawsuits.

There are some hospitals in New York that are taking steps to reduce malpractice costs. They are involved in a pilot program that focuses on finding medical errors early, paying out settlements within a reasonable amount of time, and asking for judges to help negotiate settlements.

Here are a few other ideas that have been brought up to help reduce malpractice costs:

  • Improve safety in all health care settings. Find out what exactly is creating the most claims and take action to improve the standards in those particular areas.
  • Pay attention to those doctors who have a history of malpractice. Take away their licenses until they can prove that they are competent. Hawaii medical malpractice
  • Create courts of law that specialize in malpractice lawsuits. This will stop litigation from being passed from judge to judge, plus decision-making would be more consistent.


Even though fixing medical malpractice laws may help cut the cost of malpractice, it’s even more important to get to the real problem: medical professionals are creating errors and not focusing on taking care of their patients. It’s been shown that when doctors are sincere, honest, and transparent, they are less likely to be sued for medical malpractice. Regardless if medical malpractice laws are changed, it’s important for the medical community to take notice and make the changes necessary on a personal level.


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